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Our history

Founded in 2014 in Poland, Leger Invest was born from the vision of our leader, who, after moving with his family, recognized the growing need for solutions to the labor shortage. We quickly launched Premium Outsourcing, marking a decisive turning point in our approach by becoming an agile HR solutions broker. This transformation has allowed us to increase our flexibility and better respond to the diverse demands of our customers.

In 2018, we innovated in the sector by being the first to adapt the management of foreign temporary workers, by transitioning to contracts under French law, particularly for our operations in France. This decision underlines our commitment to ethics and responsibility, placing people at the heart of all our actions.

In 2024, we are reaching a new level with the launch of GrowSo, symbolizing an expansion of our services and our growing ambition towards a more marked international presence. GrowSo represents our ongoing commitment to effectively meeting the global needs of our customers while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our approach

At GrowSo, our approach is distinguished by a deep and personalized analysis of each client's specific needs, ensuring tailor-made solutions that precisely address unique recruitment challenges. We combine our local and international expertise to quickly mobilize quality talent around the world, while ensuring smooth integration that complies with current standards.

We value close collaboration with our customers and partners, which allows us to build long-lasting, trusting relationships. Our process is transparent and focused on efficiency, minimizing the time and effort required from our clients while maximizing results. Every step, from identifying needs to implementing solutions, is guided by our commitment to ethics and social responsibility.

By taking a proactive approach and anticipating market needs, GrowSo is committed to constant innovation to stay at the forefront of workforce management solutions, enabling our clients to remain competitive in a globalized marketplace.

GrowSo in figures

+ €5 million

Indirect turnover generated by our partners


Direct and indirect recruitments


Partners in more than 12 countries


Years of experience

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