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Connect. Grow. Conquer.

Growso offers cutting-edge solutions to counter the labor shortage in key sectors. By working closely with international agencies, we facilitate access to a diverse talent pool, ready to meet the specific requirements of each project. Our tailor-made approach ensures rapid and efficient integration of qualified personnel.

Innovative Solutions Against Labor Shortage

Accelerate your growth with international talent.
Adaptation and flexibility to your changing needs.
Maximize your return with expert management.

Optimize potential

Tailor-made strategies for complex markets.
Global response to local recruitment challenges.
Comprehensive services that exceed expectations.

Turn challenges into success

Founded on expertise, built for innovation.

Growso was created by recruitment experts to facilitate the international management of specialized workforces.
We build bridges between companies facing local shortages and agencies around the world ready to deploy the skills needed.
Our role is to simplify this complex process by managing all logistics, from accommodation to transport.
What sets us apart: a unique ability to adapt our solutions to various industries and international markets.

The Growso story

  • Nurses

  • Specialist doctors

  • Laboratory technicians

  • Clinic Managers

  • Caregivers


  • Site managers

  • Civil engineers

  • Construction equipment drivers

  • Masons

  • Electricians


  • Maintenance technicians

  • Production engineers

  • Machine operators

  • Quality control specialists

  • Team leaders


  • General managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Financial directors

  • Project managers

  • Human resources directors

Top management

  • Software developers

  • Data analysts

  • Cybersecurity engineers

  • IT support specialists

  • Technical project managers



Our solutions

Flexible and international recruitment

We understand that every recruiting situation is unique. Whether you are facing a one-time labor shortage or deeper structural issues, our team of experts is dedicated to thoroughly analyzing your current situation. We then offer you personalized recommendations, accompanied by adapted offers from our local, European and international partners.

We are committed to simplifying and optimizing every step of the recruitment process. From strategic implementation to operational and logistical assistance, we support you at every stage, depending on the specific needs of your company and the service chosen.

Our flexibility is our strength: whether you are looking for à la carte solutions or all-inclusive packages, we have the capacity to adapt to your reality and your requirements. Trust Growso to transform your challenges into opportunities, with tailor-made solutions that boost your growth.

Optimization of HR processes

Discover our HR process optimization service: we dive into the heart of your recruitment strategy to transform each step, from posting offers to integrating new talents. Our experts analyze in detail your recruitment journey, interview management, and integration methods to design tailor-made solutions that meet your labor shortage challenges and help you exceed your objectives. By strengthening your HR management, we help you build strong teams and maximize the impact of your human resources. With our support, transform your HR process into a powerful and sustainable growth lever.

Top Management Recruitment

As an independent recruitment agency and experienced headhunter, we put our solid reputation and our extensive European and international network at your service. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect our methods to offer you precise and effective recruitment solutions. Whether you are looking for local or international talent, we have the capacity and resources to respond quickly and efficiently to your specific needs. Trust our expertise to attract the best profiles and strengthen your team with leaders and specialists who will make the difference.

Solutions to combat labor shortages

Thanks to our network, our service providers operate in three specific areas

Search for Subcontractors: Find the Suitable Partners

GrowSo supports you in your subcontracting projects to meet all of your personnel needs. If you are facing challenges such as inability to respond to order flows on time, have specific know-how, or adapt to ever-changing technologies, our outsourcing solution is here to help. YOU. By choosing GrowSo for your subcontracting, you benefit from numerous advantages: significant reduction in your production costs, improvement of your competitiveness on the market, adaptation of your offer and seizing of new opportunities, gain in responsiveness thanks to a workforce qualified labor for subcontracted tasks. Entrust us with your subcontracting needs and free yourself from constraints to better focus on the development and growth of your business.

Direct Recruitment - Headhunter

With GrowSo, find the rare and specific talents your business needs. We orchestrate your direct recruitment of highly qualified candidates across Europe, collaborating with our experts on the continent. Our service covers all phases of recruitment: precise definition of the position and the profile sought, development of a targeted approach strategy, telephone and in-person interviews, selection of the best candidates, support in integration and attentive monitoring during the period. trial, and finally, a complete evaluation of the service to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your recruitment.

Temporary work: a flexible and economical option

European temporary work, perfect to meet your flexibility requirements. We manage your temporary recruitment by adapting our services to the profiles you are looking for, whatever the level of specificity required.

Take advantage of our access to a qualified European workforce while significantly reducing your recruitment and selection costs. Our processes are designed to ensure speed and flexibility, adjusting precisely to your operational needs. Billing is based only on hours actually worked, minimizing your contractual responsibilities. Choose GrowSo for efficient and economical management of your temporary staffing needs.

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